Igbo Amaka: UIU

NwaNne 💚 Umu Igbo Unite ... We got to launch our products at the 2016 conference and design this year's UIU's magazine! We couldn't be more proud do be ndi Igbo.


A Jungle Themed Baby Shower

A light touch of print design for this jungle themed baby shower... Ties or Tutus? What's your guess?

The Youth of Today

Our first customers were family, friends and loved ones. A close friend and sister of ours, Cherise, is a member of Macedonia America Method Episcopal Church, and she encourages the youth to stay active and involved in community programs. When asked to design a poster to commemorate their achievements in academics and outreach, how could we say no?

Here's the poster for the 2011 Have FAITH in Our Youth Awards. The event was made to emulate some of the youth targeted award shows seen on television, where guests of honor dress up for the evening and receive recognition. 


Needless to say, the event was a hit, and the church even went the extra mile to have it printed on a larger scale, to model the NECESSARY step-and-repeat seen on the infamous red carpet. 

With a Little Help From My Friends

Our friend and sister, Amma, developed a beauty brand to promote African sourced products for Black women. At its infancy, we were asked to put together a few ideas for a possible logo; one that would represent a key scripture and capture the graceful beauty of the butterfly. 

Here are some of the images that we used to promote Amma's brand and beauty movement. 

Not GoodBye, But Good Luck!

All good things must come to an end. We worked for a tremendously courageous, outgoing, and inspiring team. I don't think either of us could have asked for better co-workers and friends. So, what do you say, when your friends are blessed with amazing opportunities?

Well, we put together care-packages with inside jokes, snacks, and framed words of encouragement specific to each person's personality and next step in life. Take a look!

Igbo Amaka: Tradition Meets Graphic Design

This  was one of the first projects where we showcased our love for our culture in support of our sister, Ifechi! As we learned of the importance of tradition, we integrated design elements for each stage of Ifechi's nuptial journey. From the Iku Aka and bachelorette festivities, to the Igba Nkwu and Church Ceremony, it was truly an honor to stand with Ifechi as she married the man of her dreams. Take a look at some of the projects we put together to help her celebrate. 

A DIY Fairytale

So if one your sisters asks you for help with wedding stationary and planning, the necessary answer is "OF COURSE!". Our friend and sister, Nancy, got married in the summer of 2013, and needed affordable, personalized stationary. We put together a few options before  coming to a design that fit the couple's personal style. 

We also put together a simple and elegant menu to match the table decor.