At NwaNne, we believe that incorporating African aesthetic into our every day life is a subtle elevation of our African heritage and culture. 

We use creative tools to uniquely design physical and digital stationery reminiscent of African wax print textiles, commonly known as ankara. NwaNne brings the strength, beauty, and dignity of our African culture and heritage to your everyday productivity.

Who We Are

We are friends who became sisters. On move-in day, the first day of college, Nneka's mother spotted a women decked out in African garb and rushed over to introduce herself to her "sister". The woman, who turned out to be Nwanyinma’s mother, embraced Nneka's mom, equally excited to meet another Igbo-Nigerian in rural upstate NY. Our mothers pushed their mortified daughters to greet each other and that was our initial, awkward introduction. We later found ourselves in similar friend circles, in the same extracurricular organizations, with common interests. 

One of those interests was graphic design in support of community organizations. One wintery night in 2014, on our way out of a church ministry event, yet another person recognized our creative talent and requested our services for their business.  As we walked out to the car, one of us turned to the other saying, "you know we really should have our own business". We stopped in our tracks - the idea to start our own business slapped us in the face. In a hurry to name our new enterprise, we thought to put our names together. The result was NwaNne. As we tested the name out loud, we quickly realized the word meant sister or sibling in Igbo. Our minds were blown by the coincidence. The name was perfect!

Our vision for this design business took sharper focus when we realized a lack in the offering of stationery and office supplies. NwaNne seeks to fill that gap with stationery designed with the colourful, vibrant African aesthetic that characterizes our people's culture and fashion.